About the Site

What do I mean by real food?

I define real food as foods that can’t be found in processed frozen dinner boxes or foods that have been shot up with chemicals, additives, or preservatives. Instead, real food comes from nature and when put together in a meal, it should have minimal ingredients that make up the food.

I love food. I drool over pizzas oozing with cheese and McDonald’s chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce. I grew up on watching the Food Network, I browse through food sites like Foodgawker on a daily basis, and eat tons of fast food. It’s part of my American diet.  It’s normal for me. Yet, I never really thought about what’s in my food. I’ve always thought a pizza is a pizza, but where did the tomatoes to make tomato sauce come from? Where was the cheese made? Was the dough handmade or did a machine make it?  These questions have led me to search for answers myself.

I wouldn’t have questioned where my food came from if it wasn’t for watching food documentaries on Netflixlike Fresh or Food Matters. These documentaries really opened my eyes to how food is made and how it helps our body’s function on a daily basis. Yet, it’s not just where does food come from anymore, it’s also is my food real? So much of our food, even fruits and vegetables, are so processed or sprayed with pesticides that the majority of the nutritional value are gone. Kaputt. So even though we eat our greens and healthy foods, is it really good for us?

With these questions looming in my head, I’ve determined to change my awareness of what goes into my mouth.

As an amateur aspiring to become a chef, I use this blog to document my progress of knowing nothing about what I eat to becoming a food connoisseur and understanding what’s real in my food.