Healthy Ramen Transformations! 6/14/12

Now that it’s finals, one of the most consumed instant foods is ramen.  When you are studying for finals, its really hard to care about your health, but here are healtheir options of ramen using the ramen ingredients and replacing certain ingredients for others.

One of the easiest ways to make a meal healthier is replacing different components for the meal.  In this case, both the noodle, which is fried and then dehydrated, and the soup base, which is filled with tons of sodium, are both pretty bad.  But if switch out one for something else, it might work out to your advantage.

Now, I love eating instant ramen.  It’s so easy and convenient, but it takes a toll on my health.  So I found that using buckwheat noodles ( I got this 10 pack on sale for $2.99 at an asian supermarket) with the ramen noodle, we can still have the delicious taste of ramen soup, just with healthier noodles.  The noodles are made of buckwheat, a common Japanese noodle.

Another way that you can make ramen healtheir is by changing the soup base.  You can use the ramen noodle and add it to miso soup, a Japanese fermented soybean soup base that is filled with the benefits of soy and protein.

If you wanted to surpass the ramen and make a simple and easy healthy dish, just eat buckwheat with miso soup.  Easy Peasy and healthy too.

Another key is adding fresh ingredients like the green onion and eggs.


This was a nice break to studying with my friends.  We each had a yummy meal and ate just a little bit healthier.