Mariskos 6/10/12 at the Solana Beach Farmer’s Market

Mariskos is the first stop at the Solana Beach Farmer’s Market and already there was a line for their delicious fresh seafood burritos and tacos.  I love coming to eat here on Sunday afternoons when I visit the Farmer’s market.

Their menu is simple. Fish or shrimp burrito or tacos.  They also have the best ceviche.  You can get either or both! Delicious and cheap too!

Every time I go, I switch off between the burritos and tacos.  This time I had the tacos.  They make the food right in front of you when you order so its always guaranteed fresh.

I always have to get the ceviche.  Ceviche is reminds me of salsa, but in a cold soup form.  The unique thing about ceviche is that the fish and shrimp are cooked using lemon only, then put together with the rest of the ingredients.  They always use the big chunky shrimp, so it tastes even better.

If you’re ever in Solana Beach on a Sunday or even waiting for the train, you should stop by Mariskos and check out the Farmer’s Market there.  They are open from 1-5pm and are located at the end of the Design District right across from the Solana Beach Train Station on Cedros.