Manna BBQ 6/10/12

My friends and I decided to hit up Manna BBQ for our end of the school year celebration and break to our studies for finals.  Obviously, this really does kill my conscious eating strategy, but I only live once.  I might as well enjoy it with friends and over delectable BBQ meats.

Manna BBQ is a Korean BBQ all-you-can-eat buffet that offers a plethora of Korean style meats and side dishes to fill up your tummy for just twenty bucks.

The first Manna BBQ became popular as a great gathering place in downtown LA and began to expand (fortunately for me) to places like San Diego in Kearney Mesa.  With a quaint atmosphere, each table has a built in grill in the middle so that you can cook the meat yourself.  What’s great about this place versus other korean BBQ places is that you don’t come out reeking of the BBQ smell (though I don’t see that as a bad thing, but its not something you’d want in your clothes).  Each grill has build in vents that suck up the smoke from cooking and leaves your dining experience at the table.

Manna BBQ offers different varieties of meats from their menu.  The All-You=Can-Eat experience depends on your tastes.  There are two menus to choose from A1 or A2.  Our group chose AI which featured meats like Kalbi (Korean Beef Short Ribs), Samgyeopsal (Pork Belly), bulgogi (marinated beef) and chadolbegi (thin-sliced brisket).  A2 was more expensive running about 5 dollars more for a 25 dollar total, which offered a larger variety, including bettter quality meats and seafood.

Uncooked Chadolbegi
What it looks like when it’s done! Yum!

Marinated Bulgogi

And of course, we can’t forget about the side dishes.  Unfortunately, I kept drooling over the meat that I didn’t take a lot of pictures of the variety of side dishes, but this noodle dish was delish.

But really, its all about the meat.

A unique feature that I love about Korean AYCE (All-You-Can-Eat) places, is this little doohickey.

It’s like a doorbell that notifies your waiter that you need something-like refilling water, side dishes or meat and they will suddently pop next to your table.  This strategy bypasses the “trying to get the waiter’s attention” bit and offering exceptional service whenever you need it.

Overall, Manna BBQ was a great experience with great food.  Obviously its pretty expensive for a meal, and again its not the greatest conscious choice of healthy eating, but its nice to have once and a while.

Manna BBQ

4428 Convoy St
(between Armour St & Balboa Ave)
San Diego, CA 92111