The Vision of Fish 5/6/12

I started re-evaluating the fish I ate after watching Dan Barber’s How I Fell in Love with A Fish on TED.

Dan Barber, a chef, talks about sustainable fish and how a certain fish in Spain embodies how all sustainable fish should be like.

What really made me question the fish I eat is when Barber talks about the feed that is fed to fish.  Farmed fishes are fed “sustainable proteins” such as “some algae, and some fish meal, and chicken pellets” that is made up of “feathers, skin, bone meal” and 30% of that feed is chicken.  Using his humor, Barber goes on to compare the differences in fish farming and how the environment affects the way a fish tastes.

I’ve always had a passive idea that fish just ate the algae and kelp from the ocean, I never realized that when I eat fish, I’m also eating chicken.

Fish Farming has increased in farming different species like tuna, mackerel, and salmon.  With the growth of fish farms, many dangers of pollution arises, harvesting sustainable wild fish for feed, and the dangers of factory fish farms.  The way people have been combating these problems is trying to find sustainable fish that doesn’t pollute the environment and still taste good.

In the first series of posts, I will be educating myself  and relaying my findings on this blog on Fish Facts such as the differences between wild fish versus farmed fish, what sustainable fish farming is, and why its important as real food, as well as posts on how to cook fish correctly, fish recipes, and how to find information on your own favorite fish.  I’m very excited to find out what it means to love eating fish.